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Google Play - New 'California Inspires Me' featuring James Franco from BBHLA

The latest installment of the animated video interview series “California Inspires Me”, this time featuring James Franco, in an ongoing partnership between Google Play, BBH LA and the Pop-up Magazine publication California Sunday, celebrating how the state of California has shaped and influenced careers of successful artists.

For the November Issue, BBHLA interviewed actor, writer, artist, teacher James Franco. In his video piece, animated by Julian Glander, Franco discusses his parents, the books, movies and actors that inspired him, his entry into acting and growing up in Palo Alto.

James shares stories from growing up in California, from his bad-boy days in Palo Alto to a brief stint in the UCLA cafeteria. Franco shares the inspiration beneath his many hats as a performer in California Inspires Me, a Google Play x California Sunday Magazine collaboration.

Creative Credits:
Client: Google Play
Head of N. America Marketing: Zena Arnold
Product Marketing Manager: Gareth Hornberger
Animation: Julian Glander
Assistant Animator: JR Phillips
Music: Shannon Ferguson
Sound Production: Mooj Zadie
Sound Recording: Gideon Brower

Agency: BBH, Los Angeles
Executive Creative Director: Pelle Sjoenell
Creative Director: Josh Webman
Creative Director: Peter Albores
Creative Director: Kristian Grove Moller
Business Director: Derek McCarty
Account Lead: Alexandra Milner
Account Lead: Raquel Castro

California Sunday
Publisher, President: Chas Edwards
Producer, "California Inspires Me": Derek Fagerstrom
Project Manager: Whitney Lynn
Front End Developer: Lyndel Thomas

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Google Play - New 'California Inspires Me' featuring James Franco from BBHLA + technology