Marika Barbie + Vincenzo Scognamiglio

Benetton Autumn/Winter 2016

Back Forward

A step back into the ’30s to borrow its atmospheres and reproduce them with a modern twist.

Outerwear fabrics have volume and are full-bodied as only wool can be. The jacket is still the main player, be it plain-coloured or with classic motifs. Leather jackets keep company in harmonious matches. Trousers follow the same path as jackets.
Knitwear and jersey articles in this theme round off a formal yet creative look. A small range of well-defined colours: grey, brown, periwinkle, dark blue and black.

No Rules

The mix ‘n’ match adventure seems eternal. It allows us to try unconventional schemes without feeling the consequential awkwardness. Corduroy and distressed gabardine, wool tartan and ultra-worn jeans are emblems of authentic casual wear. If we want to go a bit further, we could try a knitted wool cardigan over cotton fleece trousers, or a cotton three-button vest top under a padded, woven-cloth jacket and knitted wool trousers.

“Fool Colours”

We never renounce tradition. Strong colours belong to winter, too, especially when choosing a padded jacket, sweater or sports trousers. Consequently, materials follow the same theme: nylon padded with genuine goose down, wool yarn worked in jacquard patterns, heavy jersey trousers with a waist draw cord. Contrast is a distinguishing trait of this theme: colour contrast, of course; weights; right/reverse. There is no particular fit in this case, just a state of extreme relaxation.


In this case denim, now acknowledged as a fabric for many occasions, plays its original role. Garments made of “Genoa cloth”, especially blue jeans, are worn for leisure time. Washed-out, crumpled, dark, fitted, dirty: these are a few of its looks, which are teamed with check flannel shirts and modern waterproof cotton trench coats. Jersey cardigans with a warm handle are worn over T-shirts decorated with graphic motifs.

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Benetton Autumn/Winter 2016 + Vincenzo Scognamiglio