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John Beck: Furniture Maker Turned Designer

John Beck is a steelworker who creates handmade steel furniture. For this holiday season, the craftsman has gone designer with an exclusive line of t-shirts that are based on his table designs.
Here is what the designers says:

“Some folks like to call me an artist because of the things I create. But I don’t think so. I’m a regular guy, just any random guy you’d see walking down the street. The only difference is I got lucky and I’m able to do the things I love for a living. I’ve also managed to surround myself with some pretty darn good help.

I’ve always been crafty with my hands using a pencil, pushing a broom, or welding someone’s favorite piece of furniture. It comes from my grandpa I guess. I learned to weld straight out of high school because I needed a job and I’ve loved it ever since.”

See the designs.

Photos Copyright John Beck Paper & Steel.

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John Beck: Furniture Maker Turned Designer + US fashion designers