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Meltin’Pot Denim Details

Meltin’Pot’s spring/summer 2016 denim collection, which is already both varied and condensed, is energized with certain original “aspects,” the result follows an in-depth and fruitful research into new fits, fabrics, washes, and treatments, which remain the core strength of the brand.

The new summer collection features a wide range of washed tones and colors. Thanks to the inclusion of different types of cottons, ranging from historical bull and gabardine to a new paper poplin and canvas.

Aspects of authentic vintage and used blue canvas remain, and the primary focus is on the worn effect with shades of blue and white “bleached” in addition to new techniques for implementing broken denim. The timeless “ripped” jean is not only broken and patched, but also utilizes a new technique to achieve this “rip & repair” effect, made up of various sizes of patches to repair the rips—a process not dissimilar to—a bike tire repair!

Another new aspect is “fading (a “direct” pigment dye is applied, which gives a colored marble effect on the surface) of the jeans: these innovative procedures to bleach the denim are all carried out by hand and are mandatory for each piece.

The leading innovation of the new Meltin’Pot s/s 2016 collection is, however, the “New Old Vintage Color,” a treatment developed for the premium capsule collection Mp001. Completely handcrafted and obtained by means of ecological products, giving a vintage aspect to the item, but without intervening with use of aggressive chemical treatments that very often wear down the natural cottons’ fibers.

This operation draws on the ancient techniques of craft-made dyes that used rigorously handmade “immersion” techniques in specific tanks of natural dyes, and without the need to heat.

The color combinations can be numerous and are acquired by using ancient dyeing technique, which is a simple “immersion and oxidation” process, which is totally manual just like the home hand rinse! The overall effect is dynamic owing to the “inconsistency” of the color penetration: color “reserves” give an effect of light/dark as if the garment had been treated with Stone Wash commonly used in industrial processes and particularly in the use of Natural Indigo Blue.

Another inevitable addition to the new denim collection are tweaks to existing fits and an introduction to some new ones for both men and women featuring regular, modern work and jockey fits for him, and a new boys cut, straight fit.

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Meltin’Pot Denim Details + Men's Fashion