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The “Artisan Tailor 2.0”from Italy, Sewing Your 100% Made-in-Italy Tie

The Italian service concept My Personal Dresser, the first Italian “web 2.0 artisan tailor,” proposes online the manufacturing and customisation of ties made in Italy, also abroad.

My Personal Dresser is an innovative online service concept based in Italy and dealing with clothing for men and women: items are manufactured and customised according to a special approach taking care, not only of aesthetic aspects but also of real life needs.

Thanks to its main features—i.e. quality, comfort and time saving—My Personal Dresser uses the Internet as a channel to facilitate the combination of the frantic dynamism of modern society and luxury handmade clothing made in Italy.

As a service to one’s own personal style, the “customised” service of My Personal Dresser skilfully joins ad hoc handmade clothing needs with the equally important need for rapidity and comfort expressed by today’s lifestyle.

Fabrics, cuts, details, finishes, customisation, and a whole tailor’s workshop are transferred on demand to a PC, directly at the user’s address. Communication technology provides the opportunity, not only in Italy but also throughout Europe, to manufacture customised ties of The Heritage line by My Personal Dresser.

Fully handmade with saddle stitching, visible buttonhole, silk twill lining, dry feel wool + viscous acetate, each tie is a “unique” item.

My Personal Dresser. has a wide selection of top quality yarns, including the excellence of products made in Italy (silk, cashmere, wool). This hand-made product requires three-four weeks for production and delivery.

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Photos & text Copyright My Personal Dresser, Courtersy Claudio Leoni.

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The “Artisan Tailor 2.0”from Italy, Sewing Your 100% Made-in-Italy Tie + ties