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Aertex—Since 1888

Today I was introduced to menswear label that dates back to 1888, which, according to Aertex, goes down in history for several memorable reasons:

  • Painter Van Gough infamously cut off his ear.
  • The first ever motion picture was filmed.
  • An innovative fashion brand was born.
  • In the 1800’s, there was a mill owner in Lancashire by the name of Lewis Haslam began experimenting with the theory of aeration as he trapped air in the warp and weft of fabric—hence, the Aertex company was born!

    In World War II, the British Land Army was clad in Aertex uniforms, while the British 7th Armored Division wore Aertex bush shirts and jackets.

    By the 1960’s, Aertex had established itself as a solid sports and school wear brand. Now with an online store, Aertex serves customers in 70 countries.

    Watch the video and, then, see the collection.

    Spring/Summer 2016 Lookbook

    (Collaboration with Manchester band, the Heartbreaks)

    Photo & slideshow Copyright Aertex.

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