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“Boy Scouts and Beatniks” by Junk de Luxe

Are you a junk junky? Do you love rummaging through you neighbor’s garage? How about slamming on your breaks every time you pass a yard sale?

Well, I have good news for you! If you like Junk de Luxe, you can now find it in 700 stores of 25 countries! Only one point to bear in mind...there is no junk here!

Founded in 1986 in Denmark by Thomas Gundorph, who redesigned 2nd-hand jeans imported from the US, Junk de Luxe hit the shelves of Europe in 1992.

For autumn/winter 2016, Junk de Luxe has prepared “Boy Scouts and Beatniks,” which challenges the canons of the masculine wardrobe.

The collection draws inspiration from a gamut of sources like army uniforms, sports attire of the 70s, pop art in the 60s, and a 1980’s New Wave influence.

Retro in flavour, Junk de Luxe remains true to its vintage roots and the beatnik culture.

The silhouette is slim with fitted, raw, washed-out cotton trousers matched with tie-dye jerseys and camouflage army jackets.

Zippers abound, while bold stripes run wild.

The army motif flows naturally into a atypical image of the new Junk Boy Scout. Anarchist and modernist, he is anything but stereotyped!

Have a look at the collection.

Photo & slideshow a/w 2016 collection “Boy Scouts and Beatniks,” Copyright Junk de Luxe.

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“Boy Scouts and Beatniks” by Junk de Luxe + trends styles