Marika Barbie + Nobuhiko Kitamura

Camping with Hysteric Glamour in Summer 2016!

Hysteric Glamour was founded in 1984 by Nobuhiko Kitamura, who was born 1962 in Tokyo, Japan.

The design concept of the label is based largely on American culture typical of the Sixties and Seventies—particularly music, comics, porn, automobiles, packaging, and neon lights—all of which influenced designer Kitamura.

The target market of Hysteric Glamour ranges from upper teens to mid-20s, offering tees and jeans in vivid colors.

For spring/summer 2016, Hysteric Glamour takes men camping in the wilderness to fish and grill…well…kind of.

Flip through the look book here for yourself—it’s hysterical...Hysteric Glamour!

Photos by Ellen Von Unwerth, Copyright Hysteric Glamour.

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Camping with Hysteric Glamour in Summer 2016! + Nobuhiko Kitamura