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“Inhabitants” in Autumn/Winter 2016 by Subfusco

Although Australian designer Joshua Roberto Scacheri grew up in Brisbane, Australia, at the age of 16 he moved to his father’s place of origin.

Joshua relocated to Italy to pursue a professional career in football; instead, he was absorbed his new cultural environment, particularly the world of fashion!

Armed with this experience, Joshua returned to Brisbane and launched Subfusco—a label that skillfully balances European elegance with raw Australian comfort.

Inspired by textures and fabrics, Joshua seeks to breathe life into each garment when placed on the human body.

He focuses on beauty and that which is imperfect, forging it into something that is beautiful but not perfect.

For autumn/winter 2016, the collection is entitled “Inhabitants”:

“In a time where the space and contours of the landscape in which the inhabitants are not yet determined with, the nomads set upon their voyage of discovery into the wider environments that present the allure and danger of the unknown. Relying solely on the observations of the environment and its natural forces, as historical information amongst the rubble and turmoil is absent; they seek to trace their origins in a new world order.

Striding with caution and fear on the levitating plateau of clouds to seek their lost boundaries that they have been so restricted by. Through their embodiment of a strong and structured protective exterior they present what is needed for battle against the fear of unknown, while presenting sheen that provides the glimmer of hope.”

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“Inhabitants” in Autumn/Winter 2016 by Subfusco + Subfusco