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It Is Back to the 20's with Nico Didonna

Nico Didonna provides an injection of 1920’s glamour and exquisite tailoring for AW10

Contemporary British brand Nico Didonna, already a favourite amongst the coolest London trendsetters, continues to combine traditional tailoring with flare for AW10.

For AW10, Nico Didonna takes inspiration from the ‘Bright Young Things’, the hedonistic youth of the 1920’s. As the rest of Britain struggled with a deep economic recession and the aftermath of the First World War, an eclectic set of young socialites lived a wild and irresponsible lifestyle. This group of aristocrats, middle class adventurers and bohemian artists had a wildly self-indulgent and riotous way of life, bringing outrageous glitz and glamour to an otherwise bleak society.

Nico considered it apt to use the ‘Bright Young Things’ as inspiration for his forth-coming collection, recognising that some glamour would be a stark contrast to the current economic climate. Hedonistic glamour is represented in the collection by a range of stunning full-length sequined gowns.

These eye-catching pieces are contrasted and balanced out with exquisitely tailored, understated staples such as jersey tops, trousers, jackets and knitwear. The silhouettes for both men and women are clearly defined using sharp, sweeping lines mirroring those of the art Deco movement, creating a distinctly elegant flavour.

The 1920’s also inspires the colour palette of the collection with luxurious fabrics such as silk, crepe jersey, cashmere and leather, all appearing in the muted tones of mauve, silver and black, lifted with flashes of Ox blood red and sage green, and completed with exciting finishes of feather and fringe.

Though there are references, the collection is not a pastiche of 1920’s fashion, it has been completely reworked and modernised to be in keeping with 21st century fashion resulting in a highly contemporary appearance.

Nico Didonna’s AW10 collection was launched in February’s London Fashion Week as part of the Vauxhall Fashion Scouts presentations, promising to offer a complete wardrobe for men and woman who appreciate the art of dressing.

About the Designer: Nico Didonna is an Italian fashion designer who moved to London during the 80s. He graduated from LCF with a degree in Tailoring in the late 90s. Since then he has created his own label and opened a boutique in the heart of London’s Soho also stocking in various boutiques worldwide.

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It Is Back to the 20's with Nico Didonna + press release