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Nom de Plume by A. Naselli

Nom de Plume can translate as “pen name” or “pseudonym” in French, whereas Alberto Naselli was an actor from Bergamo, Italy, who also went by the name of a character that he invented; namely, “Zan Ganassa.”

Born 1572, Alberto Naselli developed the Italian Comedy, known as the Commedia dell’arte—one character of which was Harlequin or Arlequino.

Now, almost as if reborn, A. Naselli creates flamboyant garments in Copenhagen, having designed for the Danish Royal Ballet and other cultural events.

At Copenhagen Fashion Week, Nom de Plume put on a dramatic masquerade of Renaissance-like figures drawn from the Italian Comedy, including Harlequins, Scaramuccias, Capitanos, and Pantelones.

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Photos Courtesy and Copyright Copenhagen Fashion Week.

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