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“Search and Destroy” at BAFWeek by Santana X Kostüme

Well, next week is BAFWEEK once again, otherwise known as Buenos Aires Fashion Week, and for this edition Argentine label Kostüme is team up with Santana Textiles—one of the largest denim producers in the Americas.

Santana X Kostüme has positioned itself as a high-end item—an object of desire or product of conceptual luxury.

The collection (#20) draws inspiration from the song “Search and Destroy” by the Stooges in their Iggy Pop album (1973), which lead singer Iggy Pop from a heading in Time Magazine about the Vietnam War.

The line of denim is avant-garde with geometric shapes, washed almost to the point of destruction, with colors of ultra black to various shades of grey.

Santana Textiles was founded 1963 in Jaguarana, Brazil, and now runs 5 major plants with 2,500 employees. The company holds to an green policy that seeks to lessen the environmental impact from denim manufacturing.

Kostüme is designed by Camila Milessi and Emiliano Blanco.

Photos Copyright Kostüme.

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“Search and Destroy” at BAFWeek by Santana X Kostüme + Santana Textiles