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The Raw Eaesthetics of Kris Van Assche

Born 1976 in Belgium, Kris Van Assche is said to have “created a refined world of nonchalant elegance”—very present in his 2016 spring/summer collection, in which he balances nostalgia of the past with a flair of radical modernism.

After having graduated from the Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Arts, in 1998 Chris moved to Paris where he worked for Yves Saint Laurent and Dior Homme.

Two years after he began presenting his own creations, he launched his eponymous label in 2007.

Now, allow Kris Van Assche introduce you to his 2016 spring/summer collection:

The raw aesthetics of tired, dirty, worn out outfits.
Like an Avedon portrait, a direct look and a naked truth against a white background.
From the deepest black to dusty grey, everything seems to have an ashen hue
That tells the beauty of faded tints and hands at work.
Contrasting stains as its climax.
Suits are everywhere, without restraint and definitely freed from their shackles. Light, creased, sleeves are rolled up to be able to work.
Raw edges for the trousers and repaired waistcoats.
Shirts used as overalls and sweatshirts belong.
Tool belts and safety shoes.
Work clothes diverted from their original use.

Photo & slide show spring/summer 2016 collection, backstage, Copyright Kris Van Assche.

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The Raw Eaesthetics of Kris Van Assche + Men's Fashion