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Veja Autumn/Winter Collection “Look Around!”

Look Around!*

*The word “veja” means ‘look!’ in Brazil; so for this autumn/winter season, Veja is looking around as it deepens cooperation with co-operatives of small producers throughout Brazil.

Created 2004 in Paris, France, by Sébastien Kopp and François-Ghislain Morillion, Veja also continues to change the rules with respect to the environment, human rights, and fair trade.

Veja purchases organic cotton at twice the market price from a co-op of 200 families in Northeast Brazil who base their livelihood on cotton farming with no chemicals or fertilizers.

The rubber is purchased from another co-operative of Seringueiros (‘rubber trapper’) in Acre, in the heart of the Amazon, where rubber trees grow in the wild!

The Seringueiros tap the tree bark so that the latex, a white liquid, is collected in a container.

I have posted the entire Veja press release, which reads like a treatise in ethical principles.

Can’t find a sustainable menswear label? Just look around—Veja!

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Veja Autumn/Winter Collection “Look Around!” + Veja