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Whyred—the Indie Superlabel

Whyred is all about Modism, which publicist Peter Meaden (1941-1978) defined as “clean living under difficult circumstances.”

Undergirded by art and music, the Whyred twist on Modism entails sartorial tailoring in the great metropolis for fashion-conscious urban dwellers.

Founded in 1999 by several friends—Roland Hjort, Lena Patriksson Keller and Jonas Clason—Whyred drew its name from chief designer Roland Hjort’s grandfather, Sven “X,” who was a Swedish artist:

Known for his use of a wide variety of colors, Sven was once asked in a radio interview about his favorite color. “Red,” he retorted. “Why red,” the journalist questioned. “Well, blue then,” the artist replied.

For spring/summer 2016, Whyred features birds in flight—a symbol of hope and dreams portrayed by multi-colored and -textured plumage.

The collection then plunges us to the darkest depths of the ocean and upward again as rays of light pierce the surface in an resurrection-like experience. Visit the whole collection.
Photo Property of Berns Salonger and Copyright Kristian Löveborg, Courtesy Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

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Whyred—the Indie Superlabel + WHYRED