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BLESS N°40 Whatwasitagain

The workoutcomputer

The workoutcomputer is Bless ultimate dream tool for every day office work, facing finally the problem of balancing mental and physical tiredness equally, means after along office day you risk muscle aching the next day, or you are in such a good working shape that you get addicted....

More seriously, we think it as a good test to touch new ground in combining work and measure time in a use and playful way. Indeed, who haven't dreamt to step on a dot, to hammer an explanation mark and to kick a question mark into an e-mail?

The collection

BLESS N°40 Whatwasitagain reflects, as the title says already, the carelessness of the clothing within so many other exciting things that go on—may it be the arrival of anew bless child, or the enthusiastic work on current or upcoming collaborations such as for Volkswagen, Linda Farrow, Weekday, Yoshida Kaban/porter, the Graz exhibition, the St. Etienne design biennial, etc.

However, the collection can be classified as a real cozy winter wear solution with a particular large variety of jackets.

Typical bless products is i.e. the two trench, a trench coat made of 2 single parts that form together one coat and that can be stored in boxing gloves, if desired; a cape jacket, that contains in its lining a rain cape that can be pulled out, a jacket which collar looks like a draped scarf, a shawl that contains shoulder pads, etc.

As in every winter collection you'll also find hand knit, this time in a black & white and red & white salt & pepper optic, where the classic eram shoes come along with it in this new color range.

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BLESS N°40 Whatwasitagain + Men's Fashion