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Blixt & Dunder: Bowties witih Pride!

Blixt & Dunder is the brainchild of designers Daniel Zander and his wife, Lisa. The bowties are 100% silk and produced in the UK.

Their motto: Wear It with Pride! As the couple state, “It takes a person of strong character to put on a bowtie for the first time.”

“With the bow tie around one’s neck,” they continue, “you will join the ranks of some of the world’s most opinionated people and you risk being looked upon as a snob, someone who is trying to make a statement, someone who revels in attention.”

Anything wrong with being the focus of people’s attention? Not according to Daniel and Lisa, as long as you wear a stylish bow tie make out of 100% silk.

Daniel and Lisa are based in Malmö, Sweden. See the photo gallery.

Photos Copyright Blixt & Dunder.

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Blixt & Dunder: Bowties witih Pride! + Swedish fashion designers