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Fine Shirt Making by Jonathan Mezibov in Autumn/Winter 2016

I was very pleased today to receive the 2016 autumn/winter collection from Jonathan Mezibov, who, at a young age, has already become an expert in tailored shirt making.

I really enjoy what Jonathan says about the fit of a shirt: “Wear your shirt; don’t let your shirt wear you.”

Regarding the 2016 autumn/winter collection, Jonathan writes, “To round out our line of shirts for fall, I’ve added the Hunter Work Shirt—a stylized version of an American weekend classic.

His favorite item of the season, however, is the black Tuxedo shirt, which “with its round collar and pleated bib front, it’s definitely an evening shirt in the most literal sense of the term.”

Jonathan firmly believes that this photo shoot represents the hallmarks of the Jonathan Mezibov line; namely, “contemporary shirts with an uncompromising taste and design level.”

Jonathan’s brother, Blair Getz Mezibov, performed the shoot. The model is Brittain Ward at Wilhelmina.

Have a peek at a few more photos.

Photos Copyright Jonathan Mezibov.

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Fine Shirt Making by Jonathan Mezibov in Autumn/Winter 2016 + US fashion designers