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New Brand Film for digdeep

Dig Deep Originals Ltd. (digdeep) has just launched a stunning brand film that combines imagery of its Autumn/Winter 2016 designer streetwear range and some of its sporting ambassadors (digdeep Icons) with its core brand messages. The film was produced by former BAFTA winning producer Jason Loader.

‘We Believe’ is the first of a number of new films destined for digdeep’s recently launched YouTube channel. Its strong visual style is a major draw of the film but it’s the philosophy of the brand and a taste of the quality of digdeep streetwear products that are at its core.

“We wanted a vehicle with which to show off our new AW10 range in a way that would appeal to existing customers but also introduce new audiences to the brand,” said C.E.O. John Postlethwaite. “At the same time, the spirit of the company – to give that extra 10%, to always challenge yourself, to dig deep in sport and in life – needed to be got across appealingly and succinctly. This digdeep philosophy transcends throughout the whole company from our Great British inspired designs right through to our delivery at point of sale.”

digdeep… it’s not a performance, it’s a way of life.

Photo & video Copyright digdeep.

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New Brand Film for digdeep + UK fashion designers