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SOSNOVSKA by Anna Sosnovskaya

Recently I published an article on an up-and-coming Ukrainian designer by the name of Anna Sosnovskaya, who just sent me the following press release about her 2016 autumn/winter collection:

Idealization of the image, visualization of life, image and fashion in the modern time space unite a man and fashion. Proportion of this connection is a peculiar feature of the brand SOSNOVSKA, which creates the perfect image for the perfect man.

Standardization of views, as a sample of a man’s taste and style, is the ideology of the brand.

Architecture and geometry, moderation and charisma, proportion and constructivism of SOSNOVSKA collections are filled with looking into the future and reflection of a modern man’s real life.

- Designer SOSNOVSKA Anna Sosnovskaya
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Photos & text Copyright SOSNOVSKA.

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SOSNOVSKA by Anna Sosnovskaya + Ukrainian fashion designers