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Two years ago, we were inspired to create the best carry-on case ever made. Today we are proud to inform you we have succeeded.

Let us introduce to you our innovative TRIP: a travel case small enough to be stored in the overhead compartment of a plane, yet big enough to create the highest amount of comfort we could offer.

Comfort that starts with the possibility to easily transform the suitcase into a chair.

Discover what it’s like to be able to relax and work in any situation, even in airports, subways, train stations and parks.

Traveling through busy parts of the world can be an anonymizing experience from time to time, which is why we made an intelligent suitcase that allows you to retain your individuality at all times.

The addition of a smart kangaroo compartment allows you to get to your laptop, papers and pencils with ease, without having to open the entire case.

We believe that this travel suitcase with its unique Dutch design will make your journey more comfortable than ever.

In addition, we offer a version of the TRIP with a custom integrated sound system: top quality speakers that enable you to listen to your own music in the comfort of your hotel room.

And whenever you don’t want to use them, simply unplug them and remove them from the case.
Imagine taking the TRIP with you on a picnic: pick a sunny day, bring a good wine and some tasty food and put on your favorite tunes for a perfect afternoon!

Even if your iPhone or BlackBerry runs out of power, you can charge it through the TRIP. Enjoy your freedom.

The suitcase comes with high quality, smooth-gliding wheels, and an interior that includes a lot of special compartments adjusted to modern travel needs.

Our TRIP is based on a lifestyle. The lifestyle of Travelteq is about inspiration. Luxury is not a mere status symbol – it’s to encounter the feeling of freedom.

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