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Aneeth Arora—To Wear or Not To Wear...

Recently I have become familiarized with Indian designer Aneeth Arora, who is one of the favorite designers, of Imcha Imchen from Nagaland.

Imcha writes, “I think she [Aneeth] truly represents the country and the Indian aesthetics. The Italians seem to like her precision to detail! She is such an inspiration!”

Aneeth’s label is called “péro,” which is the word for ‘to wear’ in the Marwari language—the language spoken in Rājasthān, the largest state in India.

Aneeth’s particular emphasis is on simple clothing that draws from indigenous skills and ancient traditions.

Her inspirations derive from the local styles across the most remote regions, which Aneeth adapts to the tastes of the modern man.

In the photo, Indian model Sahil Shroff is wearing a péro creation.

Sahil is one of the leading models in India who will be joing Bollywood shortly.

Sahil maintains his chiseled body through swimming, running, and Taekwondo, as well as a healthy diet of fruit, vegetables, yogurt, rice, and fish.

In the coming weeks, I hope to bring you more on this resourceful designer, Aneeth Arora.

Check out the styles.

Photo Courtesy Imcha Imchen, Copyright péro.

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Aneeth Arora—To Wear or Not To Wear... + Sahil Shroff