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Elia Maurizi Spring/Summer 2016 Collection

Now in its fourth collection, “Elia Maurizi” not only proposes an original, fun and character-filled unisex footwear line, but he also looks way beyond the shoe itself, concentrating his attention also on the world of design, enhancing its value during the “Who’s on Next” competition organised last year by Alta Roma, Pitti Immagine Uomo and Uomo Vogue.

This year, he himself defined the path to follow as “I Wanna Be Frisbee”. For this collection, Elia gets his inspiration from the outskirts of towns, i.e. “suburbia”, which sprang up in America around the 1950s-’60s, focusing his attention on the lifestyle of the average American and on the care freeness which marked that period.

This year, Elia Maurizi will team his collection with a genuine line of beach “Frisbees”, and another line of fun scarves to match his footwear collection. There are three styles to choose from:

Dear Bill

Inspired by the man who worked the soil, when manual labour and contact with nature ruled. The lasts are soft and reassuring. The materials are natural and soft, with woven or micro-perforated processing. The colours tell of the past, winking at the present with a touch of irony.

Little Susanne

The journey proceeds along “Coney Island” beach, on those endless days of summer sun. The footwear is inspired by the faraway “espadrilles”, revamped with the processing of the hides and the new and authentic “vintage” finishing which distinguishes it. The colours of the hides recall those of the soil and beach (“the soft dream”).

I Meet Walter

Set in the garden of an usual house of “Monroe” (UTAH), where Walter Morrison, i.e. the inventor of the flying disc, played with his wife with a metal pie tin. This line is distinguished by uppers with through holes which recall the roundness of the mythical Frisbee, reinterpreting past taste with a modern feel. Suede leathers with two-tone cuts yet not with relaxing colours and white rubber soles with a vague “street” appeal.

Photos Copyright Antonio Maurizi.

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Elia Maurizi Spring/Summer 2016 Collection + shoes