Marika Barbie + Vilebrequin

Let’s Take a Plunge into the 80’s…with 2016

The Vilebrequin 2016 fall/winter collection pays tribute to the 80’s.

A touch of nostalgia or a desire for new found lightness?

Those wonderful years remind us of trends that are visual, flamboyant, energetic; all of them tied back to vivacious souvenirs—those of carefree-ness, freedom and strength.

The values that bring us back in the era of enjoyment and excessive fun.

Those very colorful, creative, nonconformist years where very personalized identities emerged, where everyone created their own look.

A difference that is expressed through strong prints, which generate well being, bringing out the joy of summertime, the sun, the heat, freedom, far from the everyday routine.

A cocktail of acid colors, where black becomes emblematic of modernity, luxury, the motifs are pop, rock, as well as chic, because we are all singulars.

Text & photos 2016 a/w collection, Copyright Vilebrequin.

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Let’s Take a Plunge into the 80’s…with 2016 + Vilebrequin