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Pony+Kostüme 2016 Autumn/Winter Limited Collection

Inspired by architecture and geometric forms, Kostüme is an Argentinean brand, which forged collaboration with international sportswear label, Pony.

As a result, Pony+Kostüme was created in 2016 as a limited edition brand of fashionable sportswear.

At first, the brand was aimed exclusively at the Japanese market, whereas this winter Argentina will see 30 items from the collection.

The line combines leather with many additional fabrics and materials.

Although experimental, the collection is unique and avant-garde.

Spanning the colors of white, black, and different shades of grey, Pony+Kostüme was designed by Kostüme designers Camila Milessi and Emiliano Blanco, in conjunction with the Pony design team.

Photos Pony+Kostüme 2016 a/w collection, Copyright Kostüme.

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Pony+Kostüme 2016 Autumn/Winter Limited Collection + Pony