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Lucho A. Bolivar: A Bolivian in Queens

Bolivares is a luxe knitwear line created by designer Lucho A. Bolivar. Lucho, who hails from New York City, has worked diligently in creating his handmade Latin-infused collection over the years.

Lucho’s Latin background provides the perfect platform and inspiration for his designs. In speaking about the Latin culture, Lucho says, “For me, the Latin culture is built around time-honored, artisanal goods—handmade products that are both durable and beautiful.” The intricate detailing on each Bolivares item takes his collection to grand heights, setting him apart from other designers.
By infusing his culture into his designs, Lucho has created a line that is versatile and offers comfort. According to Lucho, “Bolivares is for the progressive, self-made individual who consistently pursues his own destiny, lives by his own rules, and never compromises for mediocrity. He craves comfortable clothing that looks good and fits even better.”

There is no doubt that any man can find a piece from the Bolivares collection that will suit his style. Each piece is of high quality and will enhance any look. The Bolivares collection is wearable and forward-looking. There is much innovation and originality to come from Bolivares, making Lucho a designer to watch.

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Lucho A. Bolivar: A Bolivian in Queens + US fashion designers