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The Men Behind Todd and Terry

Originally hailing from Melbourne, Australia, the founder of Todd and Terry underwear, Greg Shand, decided to make the daring move to Bangkok, Thailand, in an effort to completely oversee and manage the burgeoning business’s design and production responsibilities over the last few years.

Having worked with clothing for most of his adult life, Greg has had much experience in nearly all aspects of the fashion industry.

From creating his own streetwear label, manufacturing merchandise for international performing artists touring Australia, to designing and assembling men’s business shirts and suits, Greg has now branched into co-owning his own popular underwear line, Todd and Terry, which is leading the charge in reinventing the look, style and comfort of men’s underwear.

Following five years of noticing a change in the way men approached grooming, with extra attention paid to detail, Greg found that it wouldn’t be long before underwear would also become a big part of men’s style.

And so, starting Todd and Terry was the creative outlet that would provide Greg with the resources to outwardly express his keen sense of style and bold artistic ability.

Yet another Melbourne native on the team of Todd and Terry, John Ioannou still resides in his hometown where he works as Partner of the fashionable underwear brand and oversees the administrative, financial and sales and marketing aspects of the company.

In the early years of his professional life, John ran and operated numerous businesses prior to gaining senior management experience and expertise in areas such as sales and marketing, advertising, and publishing, which all culminated into a long-lived career in the creative parts of the business world.

John’s involvement with Todd and Terry happened following a holiday visit to Bali where John met with Greg, his longtime friend and colleague.

The two had previously worked together in media, and when John learned of Greg’s venture, Todd and Terry, he became so inspired that he wanted to help the brand reach the next level.

So, finding the professional lifestyle change he was in search of, John joined the team of Todd and Terry and has harnessed in an autonomous business opportunity that is as equally creative and exciting!

John has since brought to Todd and Terry all of that experience in helping the brand to establish its future direction, which currently focuses on the US market.

Photos & text Courtesy grapeVine, Copyright Todd and Terry.

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The Men Behind Todd and Terry + underwear