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WORLD—the New Line of Casual-Chic Shoes by Ferragamo

Acumen Fund will receive a percentage of the sales from the new line of bio-friendly shoes, which was presented at Milan Fashion Week.

The world of Salvatore Ferragamo—the aesthetic and stylistic vision and the sensitivity in promoting a distinct lifestyle that is harmonious, sustainable, respectful of the environment, and socially responsible—is summed up in Ferragamo WORLD.

The line inaugurates a partnership with the non-profit Acumen Fund, which engages in the fight against world poverty in Asia and Africa and to which Salvatore Ferragamo will contribute a percentage of the sales from Ferragamo WORLD.

Ferragamo WORLD, the new line of 2016 spring/summer shoes presented at Milan Fashion Week, is a merger between modernity and the values represented by the brand: a collection of shoes characterized by a casual, sophisticated, and functional mood that bears the Ferragamo tradition in a search for style and comfortable structures.

Ferragamo WORLD incarnates the environmental and social sensitivity that is ever expanding in the world today. It was conceived for an active and dynamic public that applies its attitude of social awareness in all aspects of its purchasing behavior, seeing Ferragamo shoes not only as an accessory of style and extreme quality but also as a product that is representative of its own coherent values.

“Italian City Casual” is the expression that synthesizes the spirit of Ferragamo WORLD: a casual product searching for the urban lifestyle, which is inspired by the Italian way of life that is traditionally evoked by the relaxation of open spaces; by long walks in the city; by the use of the bicycle as the means of sustainable urban transportation; by the care for detail; and by a comfortable, portable elegance.

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WORLD—the New Line of Casual-Chic Shoes by Ferragamo + social responsibility